1. Marco te Brömmelstroet

    “We need accessibility, not mobility”

    A reflection on the recent Turin meeting by Ron Bos (keynote speaker) “We need accessibility, not mobility,” stated the American professor Jonathan Levine during an EU conference on this subject in Turin. By this, he meant the alternative thinking about accessibility which is rising within mobility planning. The Dutch policy...
  2. Marco te Brömmelstroet

    Traditions of Accessibility Instruments

    This post is part of the websurvey that all WU’s have to fill in. It explains the background of the main traditions of Accessibility modeling. Measures travel impediment or resistance between origin and destination, or between nodes. Travel impediment measures can include: Physical (Euclidean) distance Network distance (by mode) Travel...
  3. thisafternoon

    Hello COST TU1002!

    You are now visiting the website of COST Action 1002. In a cooperation that spans 17 (mostly European) countries we are working on the practical usability of a large number of accessibility instruments. For those that are a member of the Action, log in and be a part of the...
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