Core Group

The Core Group works as the Steering Committee of the Management Committee. It was empowered by the  MC during the Oporto MC meeting (18th February 2011). The main function of the CG is the general management of the action including evaluation of implementation.

Elements of Core Group (18th February, 2011, Oporto):

  • Chair (Cecília Silva)
  • Vice-Chair (Luca Bertolini)
  • WG Managers (WG2 – Angela Hull, WG3 – Marco te Brömmelstroet, WG4 – Nuno Pinto)
  • Financial Rappoteur (Angela Hull, Enrica Papa)
  • Local Organiser of annual main meeting (former and next; changes every year)

List of powers delegated from MC to CG, approved by MC (18th February, 2011, Oporto):

  • Approve and select STSM candidates (strategic decision in MC)
  • Organizational matters in connection with forthcoming MC meeting
  • Allocation of previously approved funds
  • Any matters of urgency to be latter sanctioned by the MC


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