MC Chair Dr Cecilia SILVA (PT)
MC Vice Chair Mr Luca BERTOLINI (NL)

COST Participants

Country MC Member
Austria Prof. Guenter EMBERGER
Belgium Prof. Jacques TELLER
Belgium Prof. Ann VERHETSEL
Czech Republic Prof. Karel SCHMEIDLER
Denmark Prof. Petter NASS
Denmark Dr Thomas S. NIELSEN
Finland Prof. Raine MANTYSALO
Finland Dr Anssi JOUTSINIEMI
France Dr Jean-Pierre NICOLAS
France Dr Alain L’HOSTIS
Germany Prof. Juergen GERLACH
Germany Prof. Gebhard WULFHORST
Greece Prof. Vasileia TROVA
Greece Ms Magda MAVRIDOU
Israel Dr David ZAIDEL
Israel Ms Orna TZUR
Italy Prof. Enrica PAPA
Italy Dr Matteo TABASSO
Netherlands Dr Marco TE BROMMELSTROET
Netherlands Mr Luca BERTOLINI
Norway Ms Aud TENNOY
Norway Ms Tanu Priya UTENG
Poland Dr Lidia ZAKOWSKA
Poland Prof. Wieslaw STAROWICZ
Portugal Mr Nuno NORTE PINTO
Slovenia Prof. Maruska SUBIC KOVAC
Spain Dr Rosa M. ARCE-RUIZ
Spain Dr Enrique CALDERON
Sweden Dr Alexander STAHLE
Sweden Mr Tobias NORDSTROM
Switzerland Mr Maik HOMKE
Turkey Dr Nuriye Peker SAY
United Kingdom Prof. Angela HULL
United Kingdom Mr Derek HALDEN

MC Substitutes

Country MC Substitute
Belgium Mr Jean-Marc LAMBOTTE
Belgium Prof. Isabelle THOMAS
Finland Mr Vesa KANNINEN
Finland Ms Sanna ILTANEN
France Dr Louafi BOUZOUINA
France Dr Aurelie MERCIER
Germany Mr Johannes KELLER
Germany Mr Benjamin BUTTNER
Greece Dr Dimitris MILAKIS
Greece Ms Athina LAZARIDOU
Israel Prof. Pnina PLAUT
Italy Dr Elisabetta VITALE BROVARONE
Italy Dr Stefano PENSA
Netherlands Dr Thomas STRAATEMEIER
Norway Dr Anders LANGELAND
Norway Dr Lene BJORNO
Poland Dr Zofia BRYNIARSKA
Poland Prof. Krzysztof BIEDA
Portugal Prof. Bruno SANTOS
Portugal Mr Tiago PATATAS
Slovenia Dr Metka SITAR
Spain Dr Emilio ORTEGA
Spain Dr Maria Henar SALAS OLMEDO
Sweden Ms Ann LEGEBY
Sweden Dr Anders LARSSON
Switzerland Mr Albert STEINER
United Kingdom Mr Saleem KAROU

Non-COST Participants

Institution MC Member
Curtin University Prof. Carey CURTIS


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About the COST Program

COST is an intergovernmental framework for european Cooperation and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. More information here.

About the COST Domain TUD

TUD fosters research coordination in the fields of transport and the built environment, which play a strategic role in the modern society and economy. More information here.

About this Action

Accessibility concepts are increasingly acknoledged as fundamental to understand the functioning of cities and urban regions. More information here.