Junior Research Network

The Concept of a Junior Researchers Network
The concept of the Junior Researchers Network (JRN) was initially introduced on the COST Action framework on the Transport and Urban Development (TUD) domain with Action C20, proposed by Prof. Tom Muir from the University of Birmingham. After its first experience, it was successfully implemented on Action TU0602 again after the proposal of Prof. Tom Muir. Its main goal is to  promote a stronger scientific connection between the action members that are in the beginning of their scientific careers.

JRN in the Action TU1002
Action TU1002 proposes a multidisciplinary approach to evaluate the incorporation of accessibility instruments in common planning practice.
The JRN will gather a group of junior researchers coming from a diverse set of both academic and professional origins covering urban and spatial planning, transport planning, civil and environmental engineering, computer sciences, architecture, and geography. All the members of the network are developing their own research on subjects closely linked to the Action’s themes, covering technical, socioeconomic, and institutional issues related to accessibility planning and evaluation.

The JRN meet at annual Summer Training Schools.

A set of tasks will be assigned to the JRN:

  •  To reflect on the scientific concepts of the Action (that are listed in the Action’s Glossary), fostering a better common understanding within the WUs;
  •  To participate in tasks related to the organization and implementation of the workshops that will take place at the WUs;
  •  To collaborate on the production of the reports for local WUs;
  •  To collaborate in the contributions of their WU for the final reports;
  •  To participate in any special event organized for the JRN;
  •  To participate in the general activities of the Action every time they are called to do so.

Members of the JRN of TU1002

  • Jeroen Cant (BE)
  • Hugo Repolho (CH)
  • Benjamin Büttner (DE)
  • Avgi Vassi (GR)
  • Elena Masala (IT)
  • Enza Chiarazzo (IT)
  • Gennaro Angiello (IT)
  • Janko Vollmer (NL)
  • Lene Bjørnø (NO)
  • Sabina Pulawska (PL)
  • Wojciech Spyrka (PL)
  • Ana Amante (PT)
  • Tiago Patatas (PT)
  • Matija Polajnar (SI)
  • Alberto Domínguez Sarabia (ES)
  • Mariemil Carrasquel (ES)
  • Silvia Rossetti (ES)
  • Deniz Çolakkadıoğlu (TR)
  • Nermin Merve Baykan (TR)
  • Carol Ellen McKenzie (UK)
  • Saleem Karou (UK)

MC Coordination of JRN
Nuno Norte Pinto (MC Member, PT)
Enrique Calderón (MC Member, ES)


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