Work Group 3: Workshop Methodology

Work Group Manager:

  • Marco Te Brommelstroet (NL)

Members (34):

  • Alberto Domínguez Sarabia (ES)
  • Alexander Stahle (SE)
  • Ana Amante (PT)
  • Anders Langeland (NO)
  • Ann Verhetsel (BE)
  • Athina Lazaridou (GR)
  • Avgi Vassi (GR)
  • Benjamin Büttner  (DE)
  • Carey Curtis (AU)
  • David Zaidel (IS)
  • Deniz Çolakkadıoğlu (TR)
  • Dimitris Milakis (GR)
  • Elena Masala (IT)
  • Enrique Calderon (ES)
  • Enza Chiarazzo (IT)
  • Hugo Repolho (CH)
  • Isabelle Thomas (BE)
  • Janko Vollmer (DE)
  • Karel Schmeidler (CZ)
  • Lene Bjørnø (NO)
  • Lidia Zakowska (PL)
  • Louafi Bouzouina  (FR)
  • Maik Homke (CH)
  • Matija Polajnar (SI)
  • Matteo Tabasso (IT)
  • Metka Sitar (SL)
  • Nermin Merve Baykan (TR)
  • Nuno Pinto (PT)
  • Guenter Emberger (AT)
  • Raine Mantysalo (FI)
  • Sabina Pulawska (PL)
  • Silvia Rossetti (IT)
  • Vesa Kanninen (FI)
  • Wiesław Starowicz  (PL)


  • Literature review: state of knowledge and of practice of workshops for discussing usability of planning support systems  with planning practitioners
  • develop the methodology for workshops;
  • Oversee and support implementation of methodology in local workshops
  • organizing committee  of the two international workshops with LOC;
  • Develop reporting spreadsheets for workshops
  • Fill in reporting spreadsheets for international workshops
  • Co-produce report 2 “Workshop Evaluations of Accessibility Measures”: Presentation and discussion of Workshop methodology (based on literature review of WG3, on the results of the methodological discussion of the 2nd Short Meeting); Presentation of results of all workshops (based on proceedings of the 3rd Short Meeting and of the result spreadsheets of the International Workshops)
  • description of results and findings of local and international workshops.

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