COST Action TU1002: Collecting accessibility instruments and improving their usability for planning practices

Advancing Theory

Accessibility is a concept with a longstanding academic history. Recently, it has become an interesting conceptual framework for urban planners in a range of urgent problems; mobility, compact land use, liveability, social, economic and environmental sustainability. This Cost Action aims to advance ideas about how accessibility can be a useful framework to provide support in these issues.

Advancing Planning Practice

We know for already more than 40 years that computer models and their output have a bad match with the characteristics of planning practice, especially so in strategy-making phases. Here, the planning issue is “wicked”, the number of participants in large, their interests are wide ranging and options are therefore still open. This Cost Action creates short links between local planning practices and our academic members. Through interactive workshops we attempt to close the gap between our models and planning practice.

Advancing Comercial Value

Integrating the first two aims (improving academic insights and planning practice) leads to an interesting package for consultants. For that reason we work closely together with consultant in all 22 member countries. Through this, we encourage the upscaling of ideas and concepts that will be developed in this Cost Action.

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About this Action

Accessibility concepts are increasingly acknoledged as fundamental to understand the functioning of cities and urban regions. More information here.